How do you know if you are a transformational leader?

In the latest edition of the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (Vol 89, Part 3, Sept 2016) I came across an interesting piece of research which sought to further add to the literature on transformational leadership and the link with proactivity in staff.  The research is relevant as it talks about the mitigating impact of transformational leadership when staff are facing job-strain, in a world where cuts to staff are ever-deepening but the work level remains the same.

This prompted me to compile a list of clues that I thought would be helpful for those readers who are in some sort of leadership position. So….

  1. Do your staff proactively come to you to discuss and explore opportunities for their development? (i.e. they feel they have the space and time to do this with you)
  2. Do your staff speak up when they have concerns, either with you on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting which you might be facilitating? (i.e. they think it’s a safe non-threatening, non-judgemental environment in which to have a ‘voice’)
  3. Do your staff come up with ideas and suggestions for improving and changing how things are done? (i.e. they challenge the status quo and the ideas don’t just come from the top, in other words from you!)
  4. Are the majority of your staff self-starters – regularly going the extra mile and showing grit in the face of difficulties?
  5. Do you regularly communicate your vision, using a variety of engaging approaches? (i.e. not death by PowerPoint or 20-page emails!)
  6. Are your staff able to articulate your vision easily and readily?
  7. And do you role model all of the above – being proactive in your development and that of your team/service/department?

So, if you answered ‘yes’ to five or more of these questions then my final question to you is…

How do you know?

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