I contribute regularly to various media, including radio, podcasts, and digital and print magazines and newspapers.

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You can listen or read to past media contributions here:


Tea Tuesday! Wellbeing at work for activity providers and professionals – discussion with Hilary Woodhead for National Activity Providers Week 2023

Female entrepreneurship – interview with Ross McIntosh for the People Soup Podcast

Meet Dr Hayley Lewis – interview with Ross McIntosh for the People Soup Podcast


Interview with Dr Hayley Lewis – interview with Jon Harman for the Grit Podcast

What if I told you…. you had choices? – Part 2 of a two-part conversation with Victoria Matey for the Event Psychology Podcast

The psychology of workplace wellbeing – conversation with Paul McGregor for The Everymind Podcast

HR, happiness and psychology – conversation with Matt Phelan for the Happiness and Humans podcast

Doing more with less – interview for the HR Most Influential Podcast (Season 2, episode 1)

The impact of perceptions and stereotypes on women’s performance – thought piece for HR Magazine

How to increase your emotional intelligence for better feedback – contribution to article for Hotjar

The psychology of successful women in business – interview for the Jen Lister Podcast

Achieving the sweet spot – the balance between people needs and business needs – thought piece on hybrid working for HR Magazine

From striving to thriving – interview for the 52 Weeks of Me Podcast

What if I told you…. that stress is a made up concept? – interview for the Event Psychology Podcast

Teacher wellbeing and resilience – interview for the Impact Wales Podcast

Psychological safety at work: All-in-one guide with expert insights – contribution to article for Understanding ModernGov

How do women business owners define success? – interview for the Women in Confidence Podcast

Being your own boss – interview for the My Pocket Psych Podcast

Coaching for psychological safety – LinkedIn Live interview with Centaur Stage

How do female entrepreneurs define success – interview for the Generation Exceptional Podcast

Setting yourself up for success in 2022 – interview for the Get Amplified Podcast


How to have important (rather than difficult) conversations – interview for the Get Amplified Podcast

Communicating psychology, organisational change and women in leadership – interview for the Psychology at Work YouTube channel

Commentary for BBC Radio London (9th August) on suggestion that civil servants should face pay cuts – 6.50pm segment

Tea Tuesday talk on wellbeing – interview for the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) YouTube channel

Burnout – what can we do about it? – article for

Part of panel, with Professor Cal Newport, for BBC Radio 5Live segment to discuss email and Cal’s book A World Without Email.

Creating a healthy team culture – interview for the Chit Chat in a Quarter Podcast, with Iroro Agba

Working from home – 5 tips to help you manage – article for


‘Can we have a quick chat?’ The office phrase we definitely won’t miss – contribution to article for Huffington Post

How to combat burnout when running a small business – contribution to article for Micro Biz Mag

Only Forward (Part 2) – panel interview for the Conversations of Change Podcast

Only Forward – a multi-disciplinary conversation – panel interview for the Conversations of Change Podcast

“Am I the only person who hasn’t cried since the pandemic started?” – contribution to piece for Stylist Magazine

Planning ahead, wellbeing and difficult conversations – interview for Steph the Psychologist YouTube channel

How organisational psychology can support your career – interview for the Career Happiness Mentor Podcast

Invisible insecurity: How to deal with impostor syndrome – article for The Career Compass Club

Overcoming post-holiday blues and going back to work – interview on BBC Radio 5Live


UK workers ‘pull sickies to avoid going to work’ – contribution to piece for BBC News online

Interview with Liz Green about workers pulling sickies – BBC Radio Leeds, segment at 1h 10m

Interview with Robert Perrone about workers pulling sickies – BBC Radio Three Counties, segment at 1h 38m

Interview with Andrew Easton about workers pulling sickies – BBC Radio Hereford & Worcestershire


Why resilience training is so important in the public sector – article for the The Guardian