HALO Psychology has fast become known as a provider of expert advice and practical support for managers and leaders facing the grittiest of workplace problems…. the things that others would run away from.

Whether it’s resolving conflict between individuals or teams;  to turning around poor performance; through to helping your employees through change – we have a solution for you.


We exist to help managers and leaders successfully overcome the toughest of organisational issues around people, performance and change.


For us, success is you needing us (and other consultants) less and less as time goes on. Our vision is that you have the confidence and skills to tackle the most difficult of management and leadership issues yourself, enabling you and your team to shine.


We know you and your organisation are unique and by working with HALO Psychology, you’ll always be treated as such. We don’t do ‘sheep dip’ or ‘one size fits all’ approaches. Our interventions are geared to your needs, so you can be confident that whatever we deliver will be guaranteed to work.

We also prefer taking a positive and appreciative approach to our work – focusing on the best of people and organisations and working from there. We know this works best when trying to engage people during change, having used these approaches when delivering front-line services. In other words, it’s tried and tested.

We will work with you to develop a planned approach to change and improvement. We’re known for having one eye very firmly on the outcome to be achieved along with helping you navigate your way by producing clear steps to get where you need to.