How to pick the right decision making approach

When the pressure is on it’s even more important to make the right decision, or at least the best decision based on the information available at that time.

I’ve worked in teams under pressure, in crisis situations; I’ve led teams in emergencies; and I’ve been pulled in as a consultant to help develop a team’s readiness for handling a crisis.

In the majority of these situations, I’ve found that power, hierarchy and territory can all get in the way of the right thing being done at the right time.

So, here’s a neat little matrix for you to download.

It should help you assess the context you’re working in and therefore, the best decision making approach to take. I’ve used it many times over the last 10 years and have found it a handy thing to have in my toolkit as a manager.

The matrix has four quadrants along two axis. There is the power axis (power that is spread across many to power that is held by one person); and the loyalty axis (loyalty to a position or person through to loyalty to an organisation or institutional body of some kind).

In a crisis every second counts, so it’s important to have a good understanding of the context and hence, the best approach to take.

Confession time – I’m not the originator of this matrix. However, I can’t find the source anywhere! If you know who developed this then please let me know and I’ll update the blog and pdf download to reflect that.


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