HALO Psychology provides a range of training focused on motivation, performance and leadership. Our training programmes are highly engaging, providing a balance between theory and practical application back in the workplace. We will always carry out a training needs analysis before delivery, so we can ensure the tone and content is right for the audience.

Training programmes can be delivered in-house or at a venue external to your organisation. The number of participants depends on the course.

Courses on offer include:

Facilitation for beginners: This one-day programme will give participants the skills they need to manage a variety of situations, such as staff meetings. Participants typically include middle-managers and HR/OD practitioners. Maximum of 12 participants. Price: £250 +VAT per participant.

Advanced facilitation: This two-day programme is aimed at senior leaders and HR/OD practitioners who want to build their skills and confidence in handling complex and challenging situations. This can include trade union negotiations through to facilitating community meetings. Maximum of 6 participants. Price: £600 +VAT per participant.

Organisational development (OD) programme: This three-day programme can be delivered in full-day or half-day segments. This is aimed at HR/OD practitioners looking to develop a deeper understanding of OD theories, tools and techniques. The programme includes a 360-style report for each participant on their OD proficiency. Maximum of 20 participants. Price: Available on application.

How to build a high performing team: This one-day programme is aimed at managers and leaders looking to take their team to the next level. Each participant will receive an audit report on their team, using the High Performing Team Snapshot ©. Maximum of 10 participants. Price: £500 + VAT per participant.

How to increase your productivity: This half-day programme is aimed at anyone wanting to gain skills, tools and techniques to get the most out of each and every working day. Using well-tested principles, participants will come away with a clearer sense of focus on what matters. Maximum of 15 participants. Price: £200 + VAT per participant.