Executive coaching

We have over 15 years’ experience of coaching managers and leaders across local and central government, health, police, education and charity organisations.

Clients include:

  • Chief executives
  • Directors and heads of service
  • New managers
  • Women

Issues we have helped with include:

  • Successfully navigating a new organisation and managing the politics (both small and big ‘p’!);
  • Becoming more confident in the use of social media and using this to build professional credibility and networks;
  • Managing the push-pull between the needs of different stakeholders, such as politicians, residents and staff.
  • Developing strategies to better cope with the demands of a 24/7/365 role;
  • Becoming more productive, learning how to focus on the important things (and not someone else’s urgent things!);
  • Developing and implementing a ‘First 90 days’ plan for a manager moving into a new organisation (this also included a plan to exit the previous organisation well);
  • Getting clarity on career – developing a five year plan and the steps to get the next role (and the role after); and
  • Building confidence as a woman looking to go into a more senior role and tackling ‘imposter syndrome’

If you are interested in being coached by Hayley or one of her associates, she offers a complimentary 30 minute telephone consultation where you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and ask questions. To book a 30 minute complimentary call email hayley@halopsychology.com