How HALO can help you

The role of an occupational or business psychologist is to help improve the performance of people at work, focusing on how individuals, teams and organisations behave and function.  Our knowledge, understanding and experience of what makes people tick means we can help increase the effectiveness of an organisation and improve the productivity, performance and morale of individuals.

Whilst using proven approaches, based on psychological theory, HALO doesn’t believe in ‘one size fits all’.  Instead we will take the time to understand you and your organisation so you can be assured that any interventions designed are right for you and will have maximum impact.

Executive coaching is a form of personal development where an individual is supported with achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Working with a coach can give you valuable time and space think and work through the things that might be holding you back, and then planning actions that will help you make progress in the right direction. HALO Psychology uses various tools and techniques, such as Myers-Briggs (MBTI), to help you tap into your potential. Click here to find out how HALO can help you.

Facilitation is ultimately about running a productive, impartial and high energy meeting, workshop or event. An experienced facilitator can help groups and teams solve problems, develop plans, exchange ideas and make decisions. HALO Psychology uses a mix of facilitation models including the Heron Model and De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats to help you achieve results fast. Click here to find out how HALO can help you.

Organisational change consulting when done well means that people are engaged and understand their part in the change process. Organizational change consulting employs a structured approach to ensure that changes are implemented smoothly and successfully to achieve lasting benefits. HALO Psychology uses a variety of proven techniques and tools to help you deliver long lasting change, whether that’s changing the culture of an organisation or delivering a digital transformation programme. Click here to find out how HALO can help you.

Training which gives managers, leaders and HR/OD practitioner the knowledge, skills and confidence to better lead change can make all the difference to an organisation. Our training programmes are designed with the participant in mind – you can be assured there’ll be no ‘death by PowerPoint’ here! Click here to find out more about our courses