Hayley is known for her engaging, entertaining and inspirational speaking style, drawing on the latest thinking in business psychology as well as her experience in delivering front-line services.

Organisations she has spoken for include the Capita Conferences, City University, Croydon Council, Customer Focus Live, Digital Leaders, Elmbridge Borough Council and the Local Government Chronicle (LGC).  Here are list of some of Hayley’s key speaking areas:

Leadership in a digital world: Never has being in a leadership role required so much of a person. The growth of social media and the digital world means that even if a leader isn’t online, they and their organisation’s reputation are being discussed (and potentially trashed). This can make for high stress which, in turn, can lead to poor decisions, ineffective delegating and toxic work environments. There are things leaders can do to protect their wellbeing and that of their teams and organisations which, in turn, means a high performing organisation.

Motivation and performance: Motivation and performance are two halves of the same coin – joined in a symbiotic relationship. All too often, managers and leaders can get hung up on performance from a data perspective, forgetting that there are humans, each with their own individual quirks and needs, out there delivering vital services. Drawing on her own experience as a senior manager combined with the latest thinking in business psychology, Hayley will get you rethinking what it means to motivate yourself and your team and ultimately lead to high performance.

High performing teams: Why do some teams succeed and other teams fail? What are the factors that contribute to success? What role does the leader play in creating the optimum environment for a high performing team? This will get you rethinking your approach to leading teams or working with other teams, maybe in your own organisation or in a partner organisation.

Why change fails: Have you ever led a project or programme only for it to go completely and horribly wrong? have you tried to implement major organisational transformation but a couple of years later the culture hasn’t really budged an inch? Here, Hayley will explore the facets of organisational change failures, turning these on their head so that you come away with a deeper understanding of how you can lead change well.

To book Hayley for a speaking engagement please contact hayley@halopsychology.com