Our network of associates have over 20 years’ experience of expertly facilitating even the toughest of sessions. In fact, we’re known for helping groups and teams through the most difficult of times – opening up lines of communication and creating a common purpose, leading to improved performance and morale.

Examples of sessions we typically facilitate include:

Action learning sets: Our facilitators have lots of experience in creating the right environment so that managers in your organisation develop and learn. With the right balance of support and challenge, we ensure that participants come away from every session prepared to do something different to take them and their team to the next level.

Creative workshops: Our facilitators have a deep understanding of the psychology of creativity and innovation. We can help you create the right kind of climate for you and your staff to bounce ideas off each other, all with a view to furthering the success of your organisation.

Leadership team away days: Our experienced facilitators can help you achieve clarity in a short period of time, ensuring all voices are heard and that everyone is on board with what is agreed – making the most of your time so you get maximum results.

Strategy development:  We’ve had first-hand experience in developing and implementing successful strategies covering organisational development, ICT, information management, customer services and digital communications. Our facilitators can help you develop a strategy that will deliver success, ensuring that all voices are heard and that concerns and risks are aired, heard and managed.

Team building:  All our team building events are developed bespoke, so you can be confident it will be right for you and your organisation. HALO has also developed a tool, the High Performing Team Snapshot ©, which will help you assess where you are and the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.