10 useful blogs to subscribe to

I often get asked which blogs I subscribe to, so I thought it might be useful to share a selection of my favourites.

Whilst not all of them are directly in the field of organisational development, leadership or psychology, they all give me so much value. I love a bit of eclecticism. 🙂

I also think it’s a good thing to read widely and be curious about things outside of your area of expertise. I’ve definitely appreciated this more as I’ve got older and is one of the pieces of advice I give to my postgrad students. You never know when that seemingly random thing you came across can suddenly find relevance in your work!

So, here we go… I’ve included hyperlinks so if you hover over the name you can click through to the relevant site if you want to subscribe too.

BPS Research Digest 

This is an absolute gem of a resource! The Digest team keep their finger on the pulse, proving the latest psychological research in a highly accessible, short, easy-to-read format. And if you want to dig deeper, they provide further links to research papers. I can’t recommend this enough.

Their Twitter handle is @ResearchDigest It’s also worth following the editor of the digest, Dr Christian Jarrett, @Psych_Writer


Every day I learn something new when one of the various CIPD updates hits my inbox. This helps you keep up-to-date with the key issues of the day, such as equal pay, working with unions, new approaches to leadership development etc. etc. etc.

Their Twitter handle is @CIPD It’s also worth following the chief exec of CIPD, @Cheese_Peter

Richard Branson

As someone who is a bit more of a rule follower, I’ve always been fascinated by Mr B. His blog posts are insightful and irreverent. I love the fact that he’s prepared to share the good, bad and ugly of his leadership and business journey. And now, as a business owner myself I learn even more from his posts about entrepreneurship.

You can also follow him @richardbranson

The Food Medic

Meet Dr Hazel Wallace. She is a force of nature. A qualified doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer. Oh and she’s just published her first book (which is great, by the way). For a long time I’ve been fascinated by the difference that diet, exercise and rest can make to a leader’s effectiveness and have started to incorporate this in to my coaching practice. This is why I find Hazel’s blog so helpful. Oh and the fact she shares amazing, healthy recipes. Yum!

You can follow Hazel on Twitter @Thefoodmedic And her Instagram feed is addictive!

Seth Godin

His posts may be incredibly short but don’t let that fool you. Not everything of merit has to be written in a mighty tome! Every single post that lands in my inbox makes me stop and think. He takes a very different, left-field look at corporate culture and life in general. Seth’s posts are so thought-provoking that they’re the ones I tend to share most with my networks on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Seth’s Twitter feed is @ThisIsSethsBlog

Harvard Business Review

For those of you who like longer, more academic style blog posts, then HBR is for you. This is an absolute essential for practitioners in the field of organisational development, change, HR and leadership development.

You can follow them on Twitter @HarvardBiz

Dr Leandro Herrero

This gentleman is an agent provocateur. His posts are challenging – a bit like a virtual slap round the face with a leather gauntlet, or downing several espressos at once! Leandro says it as it is and calls time on corporate bulls**t. A no-nonsense blog with practical advice.

You can also follow him on Twitter @LeandroEHerrero

Daniel Pink

Brilliantly insightful and witty. Daniel has a gift in that he can distil often very complex subjects and communicate them in compelling, easy-to-understand ways. If you’ve read and liked any of his books then you’ll love his blog. He also has a vlog, called The Pinkcast, which are short musings on things Daniel’s learned.

His Twitter feed is @DanielPink

Talent Culture Community

The content that comes from TCC is prolific. With a community of experts sharing thoughts on talent, HR and org culture, you’ll have plenty of food for thought coming your way. If you work in HR and aren’t following the TCC blog then I’d ask you why the blooming heck not?

Their Twitter feed is @TalentCulture and they run a Twitter chat every Wednesday called #WorkTrends It’s also worth following the brilliant @MeghanMBiro the brains behind Talent Culture.

Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa runs Science of People, an organisation dedicated to decoding what makes people tick. She has a warm, accessible and self-deprecating style of writing. Her posts bring to life those awkward situations we can all find ourselves in, such as networking events, and bit by bit Vanessa will give you practical tips to help you out.

Follow her on Twitter @vvanedwards


Hope you enjoyed this post. What blog posts do you subscribe to that help you think, learn and grow? I’d love to know!

*Psst… before you go, why not subscribe to the HALO Psychology newsletter? A monthly digest of advice, tools and tips to help you become a better manager and leader.


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