Do you lead a group or a team? Our checklist will help you decide

Whenever I ask clients and students, “Is there a difference between a group or a team?” the answer, more often than not, is a categorical “Yes!”

However, they can struggle to come up with characteristics when I dig a bit deeper and ask them to tell me what that difference looks like.

Why is it important to know the difference?

Because if you’re looking for collaboration, co-operation and constructive input then a group is less likely to give you that. This is especially the case if group think is in play.

And if a crisis hits, something we’ve seen many times in the past few months, then you need to know that your people are able to pull together, rather than pull in different directions. This includes working with other teams in other organisations.

Click here to download our checklist to help you spot the clues that you’re leading or working in a group, as opposed to a team.


And if you decide that you are leading a group, here are some useful posts with advice to help you turn them into a team:

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